Bunnies & Babies: the cutest friendship you'll ever see

We’ve all seen videos of dogs being all cute and cuddly with babies, but have you ever thought about rabbits and babies becoming friends? Check out the video for cuteness overload!

Bunnies & Babies: the cutest friendship you'll ever see
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Welcoming a newborn in your home tends to propel two opposing emotions to the forefront: fear and excitement.

It can be scary to think about introducing another addition to your family, especially if you have pets! What if your baby and your pets don’t get along?

One pet owner, Jenn Eckert, brought a newborn baby home to giant rabbits named, Alfie and Amelia. Jenn loves her rabbits!

She’s training them to become therapy rabbits. The new mum believes in educating more people about rabbits. She says, “they aren’t just an animal you can put in a cage.”

We’ll tell you all about Jenn, Bailey, Alfie, and Amelia in the video above.