After shaving off two pounds of fur they saw the terrible truth

The Valley Animal Center (California) care team rescued this completely matted bundle of fur and brought it to the vet clinic. In the clinic, vets removed more than 2 pounds of the dog’s fur and discovered what was hiding beneath it.

Sometimes, dogs are seriously abused and mistreated by their owners and we constantly hear stories of little pups who have been abandoned in the wild.

Luckily for some of these four-legged creatures, they are finally discovered and rescued by animal welfare organisations, and they can then go to families who will take care of them properly, like this little fluff ball, for example.

Neglect and abuse

The Valley Animal Center staff rescued the completely neglected poodle Jareth after the poor dog had been severely abused. His owners starved him and didn’t groom him. According to The Dodo,five-year-old Jareth simply couldn’t see or walk anymore!

The rescue team brought the dog to the vet clinic immediately. He was stunned and the vets removed more than 2 pounds of his fur. The result was shocking – his weight was far too low and his state of health was very bad.

Completely new Jareth

Jareth can once again walk and see and looks completely different. Even though he is traumatised, he nevertheless lets the animal caretakers pet him and is very sociable. Once he has fully recovered, he will be able to go to a new loving home and a new family that will take care of him. All’s well that ends well!

Check out the video above to see Jareth's surprising transformation.

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