The London Night Tube will be reopening from November

After a petition to reopen the London Night Tube amassed thousands of signatures, Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that the service would be resuming.

The London Night Tube will be reopening from November
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The London Night Tube will be reopening from November

The tragic murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa have sparked conversations throughout the country about women’s safety on the streets, with one in two women feeling unsafe walking alone after dark, even in a busy public place and over 70% admitting to being harassed in public.

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These collective concerns recently sparkedan online petition to bring back the London Night Tube to give people a safer late-night transport alternative after service was suspended in 2020 due to coronavirus.

Night Tube back on Central and Victoria lines from November 27th

The petition launched on by 26-year-old Ella Watson has amassed almost 150,000 signatures, leading London Mayor Sadiq Khan to reinstate the service over the winter period.

Currently, the tube ends its service around 01:00 and restart at 05:30 each day, however,

London Night Tube services will be back up and running between 01:00 and 05:30 on the Central and Victoria lines from the 27th of November.

Sadiq Khan explained that he knew ‘how important this is to London’s thriving night-time economy, to London’s recovery and to the confidence and safety of everyone travelling home at night, particularly women and girls.’

That’s why I’m delighted to see the return of the Victoria and Central Night Tube lines next month, which will make a huge difference to people travelling around our city at night and making their way home, offering them an additional safe, reliable transport option.

Khan continued to announce that he planned to continue working with Transport for London to have the Night Tube service fully running ‘as soon as possible.’

Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard cases reveal why women fear walking alone

Ella Watson explained she decided to start the petition due to the recent murders of Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard, which ‘epitomises the fear women face of walking alone or standing on the streets in the evening and at night.’

Watson demanded safer transport options for women during what could be considered the city’s most dangerous hours. However, while Watson explained that these changes would make a significant difference in the community, they should not be seen as a solution and only act as a bandaid for the greater issue of violence against females.

The 26-year-old spoke about the success of her appeal so far, explaining that the reopening of the Night Tube was a testament to the fact petitions do work, as if enough people get behind them, they can’t be ignored.’

Watson described the reopening of the service on the Central and Victoria lines as ‘really positive’, but her efforts won’t be stopping there.

It’s a great start to enhancing women’s safety, but we need to ensure that more lines open across the whole capital.

‘The goal of the petition was to reinstate the Night Tube for everyone, whether they’re on the Northern line or the Jubilee, so I’m not ready to give up the campaign just yet.’

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