Prince Andrew: Newsnight interview is proof he is guilty, Giuffre's legal team says

Virginia Giuffre's legal team believe that the hard-to-watch interview that first aired in 2019 is enough proof to charge Prince Andrew of sexual assault.

In an attempt by Prince Andrew's legal team to have the case thrown out by accusing Giuffre of seeking an easy way to make money, her lawyers have fired back with evidence made public since 2019.

Telling evidence has been public for years

The evidence in question is found in the awkward verbal exchange between Prince Andrew and Emily Maitlis during theNewsnight interview. According to Giuffre's attorney, David Boies, the now-famous picture that emerged of Prince Andrew with his arm around the accuser's waist and Ghislaine Maxwellin the background is blatant proof that he is guilty. Boies said:

[The denial was] so at odds with photographs and other evidence that it is itself indicative of guilt.

Avoiding responsibility

In the most recent document filed earlier this week against Prince Andrew, Boies explains that the royal has only been looking for ways to 'avoid confronting his own misconduct.' The document reads:

Prince Andrew sexually abused Mrs Giuffre on a number of occasions when she was under the age of 18 including at Epstein’s New York mansion, where Prince Andrew touched Mrs Giuffre while Ghislaine Maxwell forced Mrs Giuffre and another victim to sit on his lap, and then forced Mrs Giuffre to engage in sex acts with him.

And adds:

During each incident, Mrs Giuffre did not consent to engaging in any sexual activity with Prince Andrew, but she feared she would be harmed, and even killed, if she disobeyed Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew.
During each incident, Prince Andrew knew that the plaintiff was a victim of sex trafficking, and intended to compel her into submission to gratify his own sexual desires.
Prince Andrew’s shocking picture from the Newsnight interview can embarrass the royal family Prince Andrew’s shocking picture from the Newsnight interview can embarrass the royal family