Easter Spirit Is Back As the Government Eases Restrictions
Easter Spirit Is Back As the Government Eases Restrictions
Easter Spirit Is Back As the Government Eases Restrictions
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Easter spirit is back as the government eases restrictions

By Caroline Chettri

On 29 March, the ‘stay at home’ order was finally lifted, bringing Easter celebrations back in full swing.

Monday marked a hopeful day in the country as the COVID restrictions were slightly eased. A total of six people will now be allowed to gather in outdoor spaces, and two households will be permitted to bubble together.

Though the government is still urging the public to avoid travel, and overnight stays, they understand the need to visit friends and family during this holiday period. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock said:

We’re saying that you should minimise travel but if you want to travel to see friends and family then that’s absolutely fine.

Prepping for Easter

Nevertheless, many Brits areplanning to travel this weekend, and heavy traffic is to be expected. According to a survey conducted by the RAC, an estimated two million journeys might be taking place just on Good Friday. The government has not yet given details on how far one can go, but travelling to Wales and Scotland is still off limits, unless you have a reasonable excuse.

Upon this announcement, people have been gearing up for a fun-filled weekend, and Sainsbury’s revealed that online searches for Easter decorationshave skyrocketed by 948%. Claire Hughes, the director of product and innovation at Sainsbury’s revealed:

Lots of our customers are opting to enjoy their Easter weekend outdoors with families and friends this Spring.

Reuniting with loved ones

Sainsbury’s also found that this will be the first time many families and friends are reuniting, after months of social isolation.

The government's decision has been a saving grace for many individuals, and the Easter spirit is being fully welcomed by everyone across the country.

Reverend Beverley Mason, Bishop of Warrington spoke with The Times and said:

After this very long Covid, which has impacted the lives of all of us of every age, it's wonderful that Easter should be the event that will bring people together to celebrate and have fun.

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