Covid tests might become required to attend weddings

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans to implement wide scale fast testing in order to allow gatherings and events–such as weddings–to take place.

Plans to loosen up tough lockdown restrictions are being discussed currently and it seems Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes the best way to go about it is by carrying out mass saliva testing that can provide results within 30 minutes.

This would be essential in order to have larger gatherings–such as weddings–to take place.

New lateral flow tests

The PM expressed enthusiasm at the idea of implementing lateral flow tests:

I'm a massive enthusiast for the advantages of lateral flow testing and daily testing - it's getting ever more sophisticated. There are tests that you can do now that just require a saliva test, faster than the ones you put up your nose.These will really come into their own as we get the vaccination programme really going down the cohorts, and as we start to be able to unlock.

And added:

Eventually of course we want weddings and other such events to go ahead as a result of the vaccination, and the overall programme, and the overall reduction of the disease.And lateral flow testing we think will be of continuing benefit to businesses and to events of all kinds as an additional safeguard.

More ammunition to ward off the virus

One of the other advantages of lateral flow tests is the efficacy in picking up large viral loads that highly infection people carry with them which would be essential in stopping the spread of the virus.

Secretery of State for Health, Matt Hancock, has reportedly already ordered 20 million tests from the Derby-based manufacturing company SureScreen Diagnostics. The test can also detect the Kent variant of the coronavirus and is set to be used in conjunction with the vaccine rollout program to eradicate the disease.

So far, more than 13 million people have received their first dose of the jab. The UK government had initially aimed at having all nine priority groups vaccinated by 15 February.

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