2nd Coronavirus Wave For Italy, Portugal, China... Should the UK Be Concerned?

While the UK has (almost) returned a semblance of ‘normal’ life, China and some European countries are facing a violent second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

No, the coronavirus is not gone. Far from it in fact, and we all have to remain vigilant. The proof is that for several weeks now, China has been facing a very serious situation in Beijing: hundreds of new cases have been detected, and 27 new cases have been declared since June 16th.

The spokesman for the mayor of Beijing's office warned the press that the situation was ‘extremely serious.’

He also added:

The city of Beijing is in a "race against time" against the novel coronavirus

The city has also increased its daily screenings to more than 90,000 people per day.

Areas closed off

In order to limit a possibly violent second wave, the Chinese authorities closed 5 markets and around 30 residential areas. Residents are being quarantined for 14 days to limit the risk of spreading the virus.

The coronavirus resurfaces in New Zealand

The same situation is occurring in New Zealand. While the country had not been at risk for more than 24 days, New Zealand reported 2 new cases on June 16th.

These two new coronavirus carriers had recently arrived from the United Kingdom, according to the Department of Health, and they have been quarantined.

New cases detected in Italy and Portugal

Although many countries are starting to reopen their borders, new cases have been detected in Europe. Two new outbreaks were detected in Rome, and in total, there are more than 120 positive cases.

'These micro-clusters were inevitable, but they are limited in time and space,’ said the authorities.

A mini-lockdown was implemented in Portugal a few days ago after 300 new cases were registered.

Should the UK be concerned?

Should the UK be concerned since lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased? For the moment, this is not the time to worry. In addition, the World Health Organisation is closely monitoring these new ‘clusters’ in Europe.

In the meantime, it is strongly advised not to let your guard down, and to continue to enforce social distancing measures.

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