There's A Heartbreaking Secret Behind Ed Sheeran’s First Song

There's A Heartbreaking Secret Behind Ed Sheeran’s First Song

Ed Sheeran has a lot of secrets and he has just revealed one of them which is quite heart-breaking. It’s about his first song.

Music is often liberating. Artists express how they feel through their lyrics and their songs so they can get some of the weight off their chests. And this is exactly the case with Ed Sheeran’s first song, We Are, that tells a personal and tragic story from his youth.

A heartbreaking secret

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If you’re a big Ed Sheeran fan, you will surely know the song We Are, despite the fact that it appears on none of his albums. This song – which was his first – is only performed in concerts and was written about a tragic event in Ed's past. The lyrics were written after tragedy struck the singer during his teenage years.

At 14 years old, Ed Sheeran lost one of his friends, Stuart Dines, in a car accident during a school trip. This tragedy traumatised him and he expressed his emotions through this song, We Are. Stuart’s parents even played the song during a memorial to their son.

Take a look at the video above for more. 

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