Teddy takes Faye back after alleged ‘fake’ apology

The drama between Teddy and Faye has taken yet another surprising turn as they’re seen getting back together on last night’s episode.

It looks like things are not quite over between Teddy and Faye, despite their ugly argument last week. In last night’s episode of Love Island, Faye apologised to Teddy about the way she behaved towards him and Teddy accepted. Their conversation ended in a sweet kiss as the other contestants cheered in the background.

Fake apology?

Faye may have convinced Teddy that she was genuinely sorry but viewers remain skeptical. Some believe that she was forced to apologise by the producers of the show as fans have been complaining to Ofcom—UK’s communications regulator—about her ‘emotionally abusive’ behaviour. One viewer said:

How irresponsible to allow Faye to try and normalise her behaviour, she has taken days for this fake apology what happened on be Kind ? Why are you normalising toxic relationships on national television.

While another said:

This apology is so fake, Faye got told to run that apology after all those ofcom complaints, get your fake a** out of there.

They’re not the only ones who think her apology was scripted. Sam Thompson, reality star who is dating a former Love Islander Zara McDermott, has also claimed that the producers pushed her to say sorry after possibly showing her the footage of the fight. He said:

She's been told by the producers that she acted like s**t.
And they might have even shown her? 'Cause the backtracking now is something I’ve never seen before.
You don’t backtrack like that unless you’ve been told about yourself.

Sex Gods

Fans may think her apology was disingenuous, but Teddy was more than thrilled to have her back. The two coupled up for the ‘Sex Gods’ challenge where they shared multiple kisses, and they look stronger and happier than ever.

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