Scott Thomas: Former Love Islander shows off ripped new body

The fitness junkie, who appeared on Love Island back in 2016, has broken the internet after revealing incredible weight-loss transformation on Instagram.

33-year-old Scott Thomas who came to prominence after appearing on the second series of Love Island, has gone through the body transformation of a lifetime after shedding off 2.5 stone in just four months!

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The transformation of a lifetime

After the show ended, the ex-Islander, who is the younger brother of actors Ryan and Adam Thomas, decided to make his passion project finally a reality. The youngest Thomas brother launched his fitness business, Food4Thoughts, and embarked on his very own fitness journey which he has been documenting on social media.

And now, after years of struggling with a naturally thin physique and unable to make significant gains, Thomas has revealed on Instagram what four months of hard work can achieve. In a post on the social media platform, showing a video montage of a before and after, he said:

I’ve managed to achieve the best shape of my life! I think anyone who follows me knows how hard I’ve been working on this transformation and trust me there is NO better feeling.

And added:

I’ve always been naturally quite skinny and I just wanted to be living proof to anyone out there that with the right Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle you can achieve some incredible results.

'This truly is my lifestyle now'

The most amazing part of this transformation is that, in order to achieve his goals, he first had to put on weight—to bulk—and was at one point was consuming around 4,500 calories. Thomas goes on to explain that through the help of one of the nutritionist that works with him on Food4Thoughts, he was able to then burn off all the extra fat to reveal his new shredded physique. In the post, he explained:

I had to put on some fat in order to achieve my goal but I knew that was all part of it. Then in the space of 4 MONTHS I managed to cut right back down whilst still retaining my additional muscle mass!

Before adding:

This truly is my lifestyle now and I want everyone to feel just as amazing as I do. When you achieve your goals you really do feel unstoppable.
Love Island: Millie shares incredible transformation in new video Love Island: Millie shares incredible transformation in new video