Sad News: Is ITV2 Cancelling This Year's Love Island Christmas Reunion?

ITV wants to cancel the Love Island Reunion... But we miss them all!! Unfortunately, we may not get a chance to watch our favourite contestants meet up for a Christmas reunion this year—and what’s holiday cheer without some drama and tears?

The villa experienced a lot of drama this year—a lot. The drama, gossip, and relationship news has continued to sprawl across news reports after the season finished. It would have been great to see everyone back together for a Christmas reunion.

We could have seen everyone’s reaction to Maura and Curtis finally becoming official—and maybe Curtis would have fulfilled the psychic’s vision about getting engaged soon and proposed to Maura (okay, they just became official, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves).

But an insider told OK! Magazine that the producers haven’t planned anything! The source revealed: 'The cast don’t think there are any plans for a Christmas reunion like last year, but they haven’t been given a straight answer.'

The source continued by saying that, “A few of the islanders have seen the producers since leaving the villa and there was a bit of a reunion at the ITV Palooza last week and the topic was brought up but quickly shut down.”

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Apparently, the cast asked the producers about the Christmas reunion, but the producers refused to answer. Maybe they will surprise the cast with something else? Or maybe it’s actually not happening. What else could be stopping the producers from gathering everyone for a Christmas reunion? Tune into our video to find out!

Kim Scott
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