More Details Emerge Of ‘Serious Allegations’ Against Love Island Mike
More Details Emerge Of ‘Serious Allegations’ Against Love Island Mike
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More Details Emerge Of ‘Serious Allegations’ Against Love Island Mike

Further details have emerged about the ‘serious allegations’ against 24-year-old former police officer Mike Boateng after tabloids suggested that an ongoing investigation was the real reason behind his leaving the force. Mike’s family have strongly denied the allegations.

Winter Love Island has had its fair share of controversy already. Before the show even started, presenter Caroline Flack stepped down from the show after being arrested over the alleged assault of her boyfriend. Then, Islander Ollie Williams walked out three days in following uproar over his hunting habits.

This week, tabloid reports claimed that fan favourite Mike Boateng – who is currently one-half of one of the strongest partnerships on the showwith Leanne Amaning could lose his place on the show. They claimed he was ‘being investigated’ by his former employers, the Greater Manchester Police, after ‘serious allegations’ of inappropriatebehaviour were made against him.

The Sun has now revealed that the ‘serious allegations’ involved Mike chatting up a 17-year-old girl who was working in McDonald’s whilst he was on duty and in his police uniform. The alleged incident happened in 2018 and a formal complaint was apparently made by Aaliyah, the girl in question.

She has told The Sun: ‘He came over to me and said, ‘Come with me and I’ll show you around Manchester. I’ll show you a good time’. He asked for my number. I said my phone was broken, the SIM card wasn’t working, so he asked for my Snapchat. I gave him it and he got back in the car and left.’

However, Mike’s brothers Samuel and Andrew have hit back at the claims in an Instagram post defending him. The text post claims that the tabloid stories are ‘completely false’ and slams reporters for ‘turning up’ at the family home and ‘harass[ing] our mother in the early hours of the morning’.

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What a decade it has been for me! A lot of good moments and some bad ones too, but I give glory to God because the growth has been real! To these fine young men you see surrounding me especially! MY LIEUTENANTS!! I have to give a special shout-out to them because of their love for me, their time for me and their constant advice. Their honesty has been something that has kept me going through both the darkest and brightest of times. A simple thank you post will never be enough, but it’s still only right I give praise to these guys. I can't exclude @samuelbrooksworth and @sh3l.don who are not in this pic, but have equally contributed to my growth in a massive way. Where we all are today is only by God's grace. It is my prayer to anyone reading this that 2020 will bring you nothing but grace and favour in abundance! HAPPY NEW YEAR and knooooow that 2020 WILL BE YOUR YEAR!!! ♥️

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The post also criticises Greater Manchester Police’s failure to speak out about the tabloid reports despite Mike’s loyalty to them. They went on to detail a racist incident that Mike experienced whilst working for Manchester police, in which he was called a ‘gorilla’ during a training session.

By Kim Scott

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