Molly-Mae: Brett Staniland reveals why he's against her fashion brand

The high fashion model attended a protest outside of the PrettyLittleThing runway show to highlight the unfair wages to factory staff.

PrettyLittleThing's creative director, Molly-Mae Hague, has come under fire by S7 Love Islander, Brett Staniland, saying she is perpetuating 'the bad practices of fast fashion.'


Though many familiar faces were at the catwalk to support Molly-Mae in her most recent fashion endeavour, Staniland was on the other side of the fence fighting for sustainability and fair labour laws.

PrettyLittleThing, which is owned by Boohoo, has been said to not treat their factory workers ethically with annual wages reportedly being as low as £7,280 (versus the £4.8 million that Molly-Mae has allegedly bagged for being at the helm of the brand). Speaking to Grazia magazine, the model has expressed always having had a penchant for sustainable fashion. He said:

I've worked exclusively with either luxury high end or sustainable brands for the last few years, and I've distanced myself from fast fashion for quite a while.

And added:

When the opportunity came up, that we could perhaps create some change and raise awareness around the bad practices of fast fashion and their unethical business model - I thought it'd be really good.

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Nothing against Molly-Mae herself

When speaking about Molly-Mae, Staniland explains that he has nothing against her on a personal level but that she does remain a part of the problem by associating herself with them. With such a large following under her belt, she is inadvertently or not transmitting the wrong message to such a wide and impressionable audience, according to Staniland. He further said:

I'm not directly trying to attack Molly-Mae, she's part of it but she's not the whole thing. It was never about bringing down aspirational women. It's about making people aware that this kind of business exploits women in their supply chains and exploits communities all over the world.


All I can try and do is like raise awareness and bring education to social media
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