Megan And Wes Dish The Dirt On Samira And Frankie's Break-Up

The couple did NOT hold back when it came to discussing Frankie's bad behaviour.

As you've probably heard, Samira and Frankie were the first of the Love Island 2018 couples to split up after leaving the villa. After an adorable airport reunion - which turned out to be staged - the couple were hit by rumours that Frankie had spent the previous night with another girl. Whilst Frankie admitted he and the girl were in the same hotel room, he maintained that nothing happened between them and Samira decided to forgive him.

Last week, however, reports emerged of Frankie flirting with other girls and 'licking' a girl's face at a nightclub appearance and that was the final straw for Samira.

Now, Megan and Wes have spoken out about the break-up in a radio interview. Wes revealed to Heart FM: 'In the villa, Frankie never really spoke to the boys about Samira, but I knew she was talking to the girls about him quite a lot. I think from the start you could tell she was more into him that he was into her.'

Megan added that she also believed the relationship had been doomed for a while, saying: 'I think the fact that she left the villa and made such a big sacrifice, and he’d already done something wrong I think that was the end.'

Meanwhile Megan confirmed that she has been supporting her girl, saying: 'I spoke to Samira yesterday and she spoke about it briefly, but I didn’t want to make her relive it too much, so I think I will call her again today and see how she’s doing. She is strong though, she won’t go back to him.'

We hope you're right Megan, Samira deserves so much better!

Megan And Wes Admit They Can't Believe This Love Island Couple Is Still Together Megan And Wes Admit They Can't Believe This Love Island Couple Is Still Together