Lucinda matched with this Islander before going on the show

Love Island’s Lucinda Strafford has revealed that she had matched with a fellow Islander on a dating app before entering the villa.

Lucinda Strafford has had a big impact on the villa since she made her bombshell first appearance last week. But there was almost a bit of an awkward moment as she’s revealed that she’d actually matched with Chuggs Wallis on a dating app prior to them going on the show.

Lucinda and Chuggs

Unfortunately, Chuggs and Lucinda’s villa reunion wasn’t to be—as he was dumped just a few days before she entered the villa. She revealed on Unseen Bits:

I remember talking to him about bucket hats and then this guy comes in and he's like 'Hi my name is Chuggs, I own a bucket hat company.'

She revealed that his chat hadn’t changed much since their online dating encounter—as she ‘literally’ had the same conversation with him previously. Their potential romance fizzled out and she wasn’t even tempted to buy a bucket hat from poor old Chuggs—who only lasted 48 hours in the villa.

Chuggs and Hugo

It seems it really is a small world when it comes to Love Islanders—as Lucinda wasn’t the only one to have an outside connection to Chuggs. Hugo Hammond also knew the bucket hat entrepreneur as they were at Oxford Brookes university together. Chloe Burrows—who also hails from near Oxford—also seemed to know Chuggs.

An insider revealed that Chuggs and Hugo had been rivals when it came to dating at university, saying:

Hugo and Chuggs knew each other through sport at uni—I think they were both interested in the same girl and went head to head on trying to date her. That's why Hugo was so nervous in the villa—it's like history repeating itself!
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