Love Island’s Amy Hart plans to confront trolls in documentary

Amy Hart has shared her hopes to film a documentary seeing her question trolls about why they do what they do.

It looks like Amy Hart could be set to follow in the footsteps of fellow former Islander Zara McDermott as she’s shared her hopes to film her own documentary on trolling. Trolls are internet-users who set out to deliberately upset others online, often with abusive comments that can be extremely upsetting.

Amy Hart on trolling

Speaking at a Cambridge mental health panel last month, Amy opened up about the shocking trolling she has received since leaving the Love Island villa—with trolls calling her ‘fat’, ‘ugly’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘desperate for fame’. One 14-year-old troll even told her she ‘needed to kill herself’. Amy said:

It’s really important that we call out trolls and ask, ‘Why do you think that’s OK?’ I think a lot of young people troll because they’re drunk with their friends, which shocks me because when I’m drunk with my friends we dance around to Come On Eileen. It’s also surprising how many trolls are older people, often married with children themselves.

She continued:

I want to film a TV documentary where I meet trolls — like the 14-year-old boy who told me to kill myself — and ask them why they do it. Then I would like to talk to his parents about why he is doing it. I think it would genuinely make people think twice about what they are doing online.

Amy Hart: ‘I know I’m good enough now’

Despite her upsetting experience with trolls, Amy credits the Love Island aftercare team with helping her improve her mental health and become more confident in herself. She said:

I asked the ITV team for help. And after working with the show therapist for eight months, I’m now so much more confident.

If you are struggling with your mental health, you can call Samaritans free any time on 116 123 (this number will not appear on your phone bill), send an email to or visit your local branch for support.

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