Love Islanders 'at it like rabbits' in cut scenes

Scenes of Love Islanders getting down and dirty are reportedly being cut from the show to protect Islanders' wellbeing.

Love Island has always had a reputation for being a bit risqué. While this year's series continues to feature sexy challenges and Islanders snogging noisily, the full-on sex scenes that appeared in earlier series have gone. This is apparently part of the show's increased duty of care for Love Islanders.

A source told The Sun:

Obviously a lot of what happens in the villa doesn't make it to air—a lot of things have gone down in the bedroom when lights go out, but producers are sparing cast's blushes and cutting it out —just hinting at it with occasional shots, or airing conversations the cast have afterwards.

That being said, this year's Islanders haven't been shy about discussing their under-the-covers exploits on camera. While Islanders in previous series used the code 'doing bits' to talk about their bedroom antics, this year's Islanders have been using an NVQ code—with entry level meaning a snog, NVQ Level 1 meaning hands and Level 2 oral.

Love Island graduation

On last night's episode, new Islander Priyaheld a 'graduation ceremony' for Faye, Chloe, Millie and Liberty after they all revealed they'd reached 'NVQ Level 3'—their code for going all the way. Meanwhile, another source has claimed that this wasn't actually the first time some of this year's Islanders went all the way, saying:

It’s funny that it’s edited to be seemingly PG — these are hot-blooded men and women in their prime. They’re at it like rabbits.

Faye and Teddy

However, some fans were not impressed by Faye's comments about Teddy's bedroom performance as she claimed he lasted 'for about three pumps, maybe five'. Several fans felt she was purposely 'embarrassing' him, although another said:

She loves to humiliate him but he doesn't mind. If he likes it, I love it for him.
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