Love Island: Millie and Liam’s Maldives vacation is not all roses

Love Island winners Millie and Liam are currently on a vacation in the Maldives after covid ruined their new year’s celebration.

Millie Court and Liam Reardon are currently in the Maldives on a vacation of a lifetime. And while it may seem all roses for the couple, it has not been all sunshine and rainbows for them. To begin with, the two were forced to isolate themselves in Dubai at the start of their vacation because Liam had a 'presumptive positive' coronavirus test result.

The isolation made them miss out on their planned New Year's celebrations. However, after Liam tested negative, the pair travelled to the Maldives, where they started their vacation with water slides and snorkelling.

Not everything that glitters is gold

Once the couple reached the Maldives, they started their dream vacation. Millie shared several photos from their arrival in the Maldives on her Instagram stories, including magnificent clear-blue waters and a bridge across to the beach. As the couple posted photos enjoying their vacation, Millie also admitted that the couple had a spat while snorkelling.

The argument took place because she could not figure out how to use the flippers. On one of her many Instagram stories, she wrote:

Ok, so those flippers are harder to use than they look. I don't know whether I was just being dramatic but I was panicking in the middle of the ocean because I couldn't keep myself afloat with those massive clonkers on.

And as Liam tried to assist her in using the flippers in the correct way, she went on to write that they had a minor squabble:

because I was panicking, we ended up shouting at each other mid snorkelling.

Thankfully, the couple reconciled as Millie was able to master the flippers and they were able to swim hand in hand.

Birthday Trip

As Millie informed her followers about Liam’s positive test result, she also revealed that the trip was a surprise planned by him for her birthday. She wrote:

Worst part is we were supposed to fly to the Maldives in two days time. Liam bought and surprised me with this holiday of a lifetime for my birthday and it's all gone wrong.

However, after the negative test result, everything has been going great for the couple, mid-snorkelling argument aside. Millie took to Instagram to say she was enjoying their first extremely sunny day since landing on the islands, even though the weather has been overcast and windy. The reality TV winner then showed out the couple's seafront home, which included a private pool, sun loungers, and even a slide down to the water. When they arrived at the picture-perfect resort, Liam was dressed in a white top and carrying a knapsack over his shoulders.

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