Love Island exes Kaz and Tyler might have had a nasty break up

Kaz and Tyler recently announced that the two have amicably broken up, however, fan theories suggest the break might have been nasty.

Former Lovebirds on Love Island Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruikshank may be at odds as fans believe that they have discovered some crucial evidence. According to eagle-eyed fans and their investigation, things may have gotten nasty between the couple. After meeting on the ITV2 reality show this summer, Kaz and Tyler declared their split last week after four months of dating.

After attempting to make things work and failing at it, they decided to go their separate ways and described the breakup as extremely sad. However, some fans who have turned amateur detectives believe there is more to the narrative and that the couple's breakup was not as peaceful as they would like us to believe.

Fan theory

Fans looked to social media for clues after the breakup, and after noticing some systematic untagging and unpinning of some social media posts, they concluded the two were at odds. Most importantly, Kaz removed herself from their breakup post after which Tyler deleted it entirely from his Instagram. Fans started putting two and two together and commented,

I’m not trying to be messy but I’m not believing that this breakup was mutual.
So I was just on Kaz's page and realised that she untagged herself from the breakup post and unpinned the TikTok with him in. Update: Tyler’s now deleted the breakup post.
She untagged herself first then an hour later he deleted lol.

Tyler and Kaz were the fourth-place finishers in this year's Love Island, and after returning to the UK, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. They are the first ones to call it quits amongst the other finalists who are still together.

Bumpy Ride

On Love Island, Kaz and Tyler were fan favourites but they had their fair shares of ups and downs. The two paired up with others during their time on the show and eventually got back together. People were outraged when they were shunned during the show's contentious reunion episode. They were the only finalists who were not invited onto the sofa to speak with host Laura Whitmore. However, Laura defended the decision by claiming that Kaz was welcomed on stage as one of Toby's ex-girlfriends.

And while that made sense in some way, it did not sit right with the fans. Fans felt that she deserved a spot in the spotlight on her own merits, given that all other couples were questioned on stage together in last month's final.

Love Island: Kaz and Tyler finally open up about shocking break up Love Island: Kaz and Tyler finally open up about shocking break up