Laura Whitmore reveals her secret to dewy skin

Love Island host Laura Whitmore has shared her favourite beauty essential in an interview with Boots.

With Love Island back on our screens, host Laura Whitmore has returned to filming in Majorca. But have you ever wondered how she stays looking glam whilst filming in the Majorca sunshine? In an interview with Boots, Laura revealed her must-have summer skincare product. She said:

A lot of foundations I use have an SPF in to protect you from the sun, so I think that would be my favourite beauty product for filming. I think good skin is really important, especially under camera lights or if you’re outside under natural sunlight, so something that makes the skin look dewy—but not sweaty.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. While most of us know we should slap on the sunscreen when on holiday, it’s actually recommended that everyone wear SPF all year round to protect our skin from skin cancer and sun damage. SPF isn’t only found in sun cream, you can also get foundations and moisturisers with SPF in them.

Laura Whitmore’s beauty disaster

Although she always seems to look flawless nowadays, Laura wasn’t immune to a beauty mishap as a teen. In her interview with Boots, she revealed she was left with patchy green hair after misapplying Sun-In. She said:

The problem was I didn't do it evenly so some patches would be quite yellowy or greeny. I just didn't do it right. Then you'd get into the pool with the chlorine and it would turn a different colour. There was a lot of us in Ireland with questionable hair because of Sun-In but what a time.
Laura Whitmore reveals her favourite ever Love Islander Laura Whitmore reveals her favourite ever Love Islander