Jake broke huge Love Island rule after he was called out for being fake

There are a few rules Love Islanders have to adhere to in the villa, and Jake was seen breaking the biggest one when he flew into rage on Sunday night’s episode.

While Jake and Liberty started their relationship rock solid, things have not been looking up for the pair in the past couple of days. Jake in particular has been called out for his behaviour as the members of the villa think he’s not being true to Liberty.

Breaking the rules

He was confronted by Toby on Sunday night’s episode, who told him that Islanders in the villa say he’s not being genuine in his relationship with Liberty. They think Jake’s latest declaration of love for Liberty was just an act. Upon hearing what was being said about him, Jake stormed off and said:

I need to get out of this place.

While everyone saw his angry outburst, viewers missed out on something he did that is a big no-no in the villa. When he walked away, he removed his microphone as well. It may not have been publicly disclosed that that is a strict rule on the show, but former Love Island star, Shaungha Phillips, let fans know that it was definitely not acceptable. She tweeted:


When asked if it was against the rules, she replied:

Omg 10000%! You’re absolutely not allowed to do that!
I would only do it in protest or when I wanted a cigarette and they were ignoring my request.

Jake’s popularity takes a plunge

On last night’s episode, Jake and Liberty were among the bottom four couples that faced elimination. They were narrowly saved, while two of the latest bombshells, Priya and Brett, were booted for being the least compatible couple instead. However Love Island fans were not happy with the decision and they believe that Jake is only on the show because of Liberty. One fan tweeted:

Jake better count his blessings that Liberty is a fan favourite.
Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island