Jake and Liberty on the rocks as his head is turning for Mary

With less than 2 weeks to go until the Love Island final, is Jake and Liberty's relationship crumbling?

The Love Island 2021 final is set to take place in less than 2 weeks' time on Monday 23rd August. It's currently wide open as cracks have been forming in some of the most seemingly solid couplings. While Millie and Liam have seemingly gotten over their Casa Amor fallout, OG couple Jake and Liberty are now on the rocks.

Jake and Liberty are now the only pairing left who coupled up on Day 1 of Love Island 2021. They have been favourites to win the show throughout, with Jake asking Liberty to become his official girlfriend before Casa Amor. They both remained faithful through Casa Amor but last week's Movie Night challenge has shaken them both.

In it, Liberty saw a clip of Jake having doubts about their relationship at the start of the show, as he wasn't sure about his physical attraction to her, saying he didn't want to rip her clothes off. On Thursday night's episode their relationship faced another blow as Jake's heart rate was raised the most in the sexy heart rate challenge by Millie and not Liberty.

Is Jake's head turning?

Elsewhere in the episode, Jake openly told Liberty that he was attracted to both Millie and Mary. He was also seen having a flirty chat with Mary by the pool which left Liberty devastated, telling Chloe:

Things in my gut don’t sit right. In my head I think am I overthinking it but no, I am just very perceptive and clued up on s**t. If he is taking me for granted, he’s not the one for me babe. It’s just hard to see Chlo.

Liberty's doubts

Liberty also expressed worries that Jake is playing a game as he often reminds her of the cameras. He has also been accused by some viewers as being controlling after he held her back from giving Kaz a hug to celebrate going exclusive with Tyler. Will Jake and Liberty make it to the final as a couple?

Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island