Jack Fincham Of Love Island Is Back To Boxing And Says He’d ‘Smash’ KSI And Logan Paul

Jack Fincham has started working towards the goal of becoming a pro boxer. A dream he had when he was younger but briefly lost sight of.

Surrounding the talks of the upcoming rematch between KSI and Logan Paul (Youtubers) who last fought in August of 2018, Jack said that he could easily take either one of them on stating: ‘I would smash the pair of them!’

When the pair fought last year it was hosted at Manchester Arena, their highly anticipated rematch is set for November 9th of this year.

Jack had previously trained since he was 14 years old, at the age of 18 he lost focus on what he wanted to do and stated: "I meant to do it at the age of 18 but circumstances change and I didn’t do it."

He continued explaining why he wasn't able to get back to his previous level of focus: “I went back to boxing not that long ago and then started filming a TV show, so couldn’t commit as much as I wanted to

Jackie went on to share: "I had gone back to boxing, I had another senior fight at the age of 24, I lost that actually, he was a very good kid actually, I was at the wrong weight; but now I’ve just got that fire in my stomach again, I wanna’ be healthy, I wanna’ be fit, I wanna’ feel good about myself, and boxing, it’s like a medicine, you just feel good about yourself in every shape and form.”

Fincham is not the only ex islander to step back into the ring. Tommy Fury has also been getting back to his roots and following in his older brother's footsteps with aspirations on turning pro. Perhaps sometime in the near future we'll be able to see a clash between two former Love Islanders!

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