Jack Fincham: Daughter rushed to hospital in terrifying health scare

The ex-Islander's baby mama, Casey Ranger, reveals the nightmare she went through after rushing two-year-old daughter to hospital for urgent medical attention.

Jack Fincham's ex, Casey Ranger, has revealed on social media the scare of her life after spending gruesome amounts of hours in the emergency room to treat her daughter's worrying illness.

8 hours in A&E

Baby Blossom, who is only two years old, was rushed to the emergency room for immediate medical attention. The exact illness she was struck by was not revealed, but Ranger did say in a post on social media that it was a 'living nightmare.' She explained:

My brave little bear. The last few days have been a living nightmare. After two nights there & 3 days of continuous tests, scans & X-rays, we are finally home. I am unable to put the last few days/nights/hours/minutes into words.

Thankfully, baby Blossom is back home with her mother and recovering from the traumatic event. She said:

All I can say is how UNBELIEVABLY PROUD I am of my little lady & how incredibly grateful we are to be back in the comfort of our own home, sat on the sofa, candles burning, ready to eat some popcorn & watch Encanto with our cat.

And added:

I am forever grateful that my bubba is on the mend & we will be spending the next few days at home so Blossom can get some rest; this means baking cakes, colouring in, painting & snuggling up on the sofa watching movies.

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Jack Fincham and Casey Ranger

The couple welcomed their daughter a few months after Fincham split from Dani Dyer. Since Blossom's birth, Ranger has accused Fincham of being absent from their daughter's life after a string of bad decisions were made by the former Islander—including drink-driving charges that were eventually dropped. The NHS worker went as far as to say that Fincham had not seen Blossom in over eight months. He later made a statement addressing his absence, saying:

I really want to be involved in Blossom's life now. She's probably walking and talking. I'm missing out on all these things.
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