It’s All Kicking Off On Tonight’s Love Island And It's All Down To One Person

We’re just ten days into the latest series of Love Island yet an unprecedented amount of drama is set to reach our screens in tonight’s episode. Check out the video to find out what Maura has done to raise tensions in the villa!

The fifth series of Love Island, the UK’s most-watched reality TV show, has returned to our screens with a bang as viewers rejoice that this year’s series is finally bringing us in the goods in the form of dramatic feuds within the villa.

Last night’s episode teased what could be in store after new girl Maura Higgins, a 28-year-old model from Longford, was quick to address the immaturity among islanders as she tried to enjoy her dates with the chosen boys.

Maura had selected a starter with Tommy, much to the upset of a now jealous Molly-Mae. The two got along shockingly well as they flirted together under the Spanish night-sky as if in a room of their own.

For dessert she took Michael, the firefighter, who recently declared his feelings for Amber. Following “immature” reactions from the fellow islanders, the Irish model decided it was time to bite back and raise the heat.

Moreover it appears that with an eviction looming the girls may need to make their decisions sooner rather than later, as Molly-Mae could find herself leaving the villa if she is unable to lure Yewande’s Danny back into her grasp.

Check out the video to discover what Maura did to annoy the girls!

There’s a ‘New Love Island’ on Netflix – But There’s One Big Twist There’s a ‘New Love Island’ on Netflix – But There’s One Big Twist