Do These Photos Prove This Love Island Couple Is On The Rocks Already!?

Love Island only ended last night but it seems that one seemingly-blissful couple could be on the brink of breaking up already.

If you're anything like us, you're likely feeling a little flat today now that Love Island is over. It's been such a huge part of our lives for the past couple of months we'll hardly know what to do with ourselves once 9 o'clock rolls round tonight.

But at least we have social media to keep up with all our faves from Love Island this year. It was an especially good year for the show - with nine couples seemingly still together after leaving the villa. As well as winners Dani and Jack, runners-up Laura and Paul, Kaz and Josh and Wes and Megan all left the show coupled up and looking forward to a future together.

Jack Fowler and Laura C also seem to be making a go of things, whilst Zara and Adam are taking things very seriously as they recently shared their matching couples' tattoos with the world. Samira Mighty walked out of the villa to be with dumped Islander Frankie whilst Sam and Georgia also quit the show to be together.

However, it looks like there could be trouble in paradise for Ellie and Charlie, who have been pictured rowing on the street in London this week. The MailOnline shared snaps of the couple seemingly in the middle of a blazing row, just hours after they had appeared on TV talking about how happy they were to have moved in together.

The couple first bonded when Charlie entered the villa, where it didn't take him long to sweep the Geordie off her feet before the pair officially became a couple in the villa. Charlie made a rather cheesy pass at Ellie, when he slathered the words "BE MY GF?" across his chest - and of course the rest of the boy brigade took part in aid. The couple carried on from strength to strength ever since on the show.

Although, Charlie wasn't too happy when he saw that his soppy proposal didn't quite make it into the series recap ahead of the finale, deeming the show guilty of favouring other couples in the villa: "Just catching up on the final and love how Love Island managed to miss out the part of me asking Ellie to be my girlfriend in the series recap... laughable #favouritism." Although Charlie quickly received one hell of a shut-down from straight-talking fans, who couldn't give him too much sympathy for his observation. One social media user commented, "There’s so much they couldn’t fit into the series recap so I don’t get why you’re complaining. You weren’t even one of the best couples!" Another simply pointed out, "You were only in a week". Some went even as far as accusing Charlie of being a "spoilt child".

The couple have also been met with controversy behind Ellie's true reason for sticking with Charlie, many being strongly suspicious the Newcastle blonde has predominantly financial motivations after discovering her beau's lavish status. With that in mind, it seems the snaps could be even more of a concern for Charlie and Ellie's future together. Could they be the first couple of 2018 to bite the dust or was it just a lovers' tiff?

This Love Island Couple Have Split And She's Already Moved Out This Love Island Couple Have Split And She's Already Moved Out