6 Islanders Blame Show Bosses For Depression And Anxiety
6 Islanders Blame Show Bosses For Depression And Anxiety
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6 Islanders Blame Show Bosses For Depression And Anxiety

Love Island has barely escaped headlines this year as reality TV shows come under fire for the negative impact they have on both their contestants and the public. Check out the video to find out more!

Eight weeks of watching singletons lounge in the sun could become pretty boring even with all the challenges thrown their way, and in the latest series, speculation has been mounting suggestion that producers have a strong hold over any action that actually takes place.

People have made comparisons between Love Island and scripted reality shows however the main difference being that islanders are cut off from the outside world and therefore have no idea of how they have truly been portrayed.

Undoubtedly this can lead stress and worse when contestant comes home to find they have been painted a villain, receiving death threats and other nasty comments from people they do not know through social media.

Someone that knows this better than anyone is Adam Collard; “They interviewed me, they knew my personality, and then they put me in the villa and said, ‘You’ve got 48 hours [to steal someone’s girl], otherwise you’re gone’”.

Adam admitted he was coaxed into playing the “bad guy” role as he was assured it would do his career “a world of good”. Following his appearance on the show Adam was accused of being emotionally abusive to Rosie Williams in the villa.

Check out the villa to find out more!

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