Your Sofa Might Be Putting Your Health At Risk Of Serious Illness - And It's Nothing To Do With Laziness

A study has linked Thyroid cancer with sofas. The flame retardant materials that are used to make your sofa contain toxic chemicals. In England, the number of diagnosed patients with thyroid cancer has increased by 74%.

Scientists from the University of Duke discovered that thyroid cancer was indeed linked to certain sofas. They've determined that the toxic chemicals used to fireproof the sofas and mattresses have caused an increase in thyroid cancer.

Terry Edge who worked with the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy presented his proposal to restrict all flame retardants but it was rejected. He stated:

Flame-retardants cause thousands of cancers and other diseases and children are particularly vulnerable.
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After analysing domestic dust and blood samples from people with thyroid cancer, it showed that patients had a high exposure to flame retardants called polybrominated biphenyl (PBB). These were banned in 2004 but are still in the homes of people who purchased the furniture prior to that.

Dr. Heather Stapleton presented at an International Symposium on Fire Delays told The Sunday Times:

Chemicals are released as domestic dust and enter our bodies on our food and hands, with the highest levels in children.

A spokesman for the National Bed Federation said that these elements should be banned within the next few years and the controls should also be more strict.

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