This woman thought her daughter was faking a stomach ache, but the reality was much worse

Carla Jones began complaining about abdominal pains one day, however, her mother refused to believe her. Although, what is discovered next is much more shocking…

Cayla had been suffering from these pains for quite some time now. Finally, in 2019, they found out the root of the problems.

When young Cayla Jones of Cullompton, England, began complaining of agonizing stomach pain, her mom thought she was tired. She assumed that Cayla just wanted to be carried in her arms instead of walking by herself. However, when they finally visited the doctors, they found out that poor Cayla was suffering from a bladder infection. As per the doctor's diagnosis, the infection was the cause of the child's serious stomach pains.

Despite taking the prescribed antibiotics there was no improvement in the young girl’s condition. The parents were deeply troubled after seeing their daughter in distress. After further consultations with the doctors, the actual cause of the illness was finally revealed, as reported by the sources at DailyMail.

Further diagnosis reveals the truth

After the failure of antibiotic treatment, the parents consulted the doctors again. This time, the doctor detected a lump in the girl’s body. Shocked, he consulted with his colleague in the medical centre. After a long discussion, they called in a team of medical professionals for help.

Subsequently, Cayla had to undergo more tests. Once the final diagnosis was confirmed, they called her parents into a separate room. They informed that the young girl suffered from an advanced form of an extra-cerebral tumor called neuroblastoma.

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Hope from chemotherapy

Thankfully, the cancer had yet to spread to her bones. As a result, chemotherapy was started immediately. The tumor that had been spreading to her neck had completely disappeared after the fourth session of chemo. Furthermore, the main tumor in her abdomen has also shrunk significantly.

80% of the tumor was removed during an operation that lasted more than eight hours. Luck was on Cayla’s side when she recovered fully after going through chemotherapy in high doses. Wishing her a very healthy life and applauding her courage.

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