This is why your hands and feet are tingling

Sometimes, the tingling presents no cause for alarm.

It is common to experience a tingly feeling in your fingers and toes occasionally, but when it lasts longer or occurs frequently, you might want to seek medical attention. In this article, we will take you through three of the common causes of this sensation.


The most common reason why your fingers and toes tingle or go numb is due to the nerve damage caused by high blood sugar, according to WebMD. Known as diabetic neuropathy, this condition affects 1 in 2 people with the disease. A tingly sensation is the first sign of this condition, and you are advised to go to a doctor if it recurs frequently or lasts too long.

Vitamin deficiency

Insufficient levels of vitamins B and E could also affect your nerves as well as other parts of your body. The tingling sensation you get in your hands and feet might just be as a result of not eating the right foods. According to

If you have a history of heavy drinking, you might also be at risk for alcoholic neuropathy. Heavy alcohol consumption can make it harder for your body to absorb B vitamins and other important nutrients, potentially resulting in vitamin deficiencies.
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You are advised to see a doctor for a blood test to check your vitamin levels after which they might suggest foods to eat, supplements and other treatments, WebMD states.

Certain medications

Nerve issues that cause tingly sensations could also a reaction to some prescription drugs. Chemotherapy, medications for HIV or AIDS, high blood pressure, tuberculosis and other infections could render you weak, causing numbness in your feet and hands. WebMD recommends:

Check with your doctor to see if your medication is to blame. They might be able to switch or change the dosage.

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