This is what the lines on your hands really mean

Can we trust interpretations from palm reading? Apart from this divine practice and the questions it raises, the lines on our hands are actually very useful and fully develop earlier than you might think.

They say a lot about who we are

Thelineson thepalms of our hands change throughout our entire lives. They are visible on ourhands ever since we are born, and they actually develop from the twelfth week of pregnancy.

t might be obvious why they are so useful, but they are essential to our bodies as well as symbolically showing a lot about who we are.

The lines allow us to move our hands easily, so the skin doesn’t crack and most importantly, they allow us to hold and pick up objects. Normally, people have three main lines in the palms of our hands.

Some people only have one line

However, it is possible to only have one line. This could actually be due to abnormal development as a consequence of certain factors.

These factors include, but are not limited to, alcohol consumption whilst the baby is still a fetus. Babies with Down’s Syndrome also only have one line on their hands and your family history can also play a role in their formation.

Take a look at the video above to get a better understanding of what the lines on your palms really mean!

The clues to your health are in your hands The clues to your health are in your hands