This Is Everything You Need to Know About Pointy Nipples

They are hyper-sensitive, became hard whenever they feel like it, but are also a source of arousal or even pleasure for some women. We are talking about nipples! Here are some important information that you might not be aware of.

They can lead to orgasm

This is true if they are stimulated in the right way. However, if you do not reach orgasm, don't panic! This only occurs in 1% of women. According to them, the orgasm achieved is as intense as a clitoral orgasm!


This is the scientific name for nipples that harden. This area on the breast is composed of the nipple and the areola, and these two contain muscle fibres. This is why when these parts contract, it is like an automatic erection. This phenomenon was thus given the name the erethism.

They can change colour!

This transformation mostly concerns pregnant women and their hormones. But this can also occur due to the contraceptive pill.

What stimulates them?

Nipples don't just become pointy because of arousal, although this is one of the reasons why. Low temperatures or merely a breeze can also provoke this automatic erection.

And while female nipples that point out from under a t-shirt are more noticeable, let's not forget that men can also experience thelerethism and that this can also be an erogenous zone for them. Good to know!

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