This Face Cream Contaminated With Mercury Should Never Be Used Because The Consequences Can Be Irreversible

Taking care of your skin and keeping it hydrated is an essential part of everyday life. However, you have to be careful about what you use and when you use it. If not, the consequences could be dire.

There are no words for what recently happened to the protagonist of our story. The events took place in Sacramento in the United States and it all started because of face cream.

Do you know what happened? Well, according to information revealed by CNN, a 47-year-old woman had been using this face cream for a long time in order to lighten her skin.

But, last July, the woman went to the doctor because she was experiencing a burning sensation and a weakness in her arm. Two weeks later, she went back to her doctor because she had blurred vision and difficulty speaking.

Because of these symptoms, her doctor referred her to the University of California in San Francisco and when she arrived and was examined, doctors found that her body contained abnormally high’ levels of methylmercury.

Just so you know, methylmercury is a highly toxic substance and can cause permanent damage to the body’s nervous system.

The woman’s family explained that she had been using a certain face cream twice a day and had been doing so for 7 years. The cream was Pond’s Rejuveness and she had bought it in Mexico through friends.

This story really goes to show that you need to be careful with the products you apply to your skin since the doctors’ report revealed that this cream had been contaminated with methylmercury after it was manufactured.

‘Most of the harmful skin lightening creams are intentionally contaminated with inorganic mercury,’ explained the doctor in charge, before adding ‘But in this case, the patient used a product to lighten the skin that contains organic mercury, which is much more toxic.’

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