This baby refuses to breastfeed and ends up saving his mother's life

A 26-year-old mum says that her baby saved her life by refusing to be breastfed as it led to a diagnosis that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

At six months old, the little boy, named Teddy, suddenly began to refuse his mother's right breast. He would scream and become very distressed whenever she tried to feed him. After talking to her doctor, the young mother had a CT scan and a biopsy. As a result, she discovered that she was suffering from breast cancer.

Milk gone bad

Sarah believes that Teddy could taste and smell the difference in milk from her right breast. Her consultant said that it was extremely lucky that she was breastfeeding as her cancer may not otherwise have been discovered.

Sarah told the Daily Mail:

Teddy is my hero: without him, I would never have known that I had cancer. The consultant told me that breastfeeding helped to strengthen the bond between a mother and her baby. In my case, it did more than that: it saved my life.

Maternal instinct

She added:

I felt like he was trying to tell me something, that's what you might call maternal instinct.

As soon as her cancer was diagnosed, Sarah stopped breastfeeding Teddy. Sarah hopes that her story will warn other young mothers to be aware of this sign and to always get any changes in their breasts checked out by a doctor.

This baby's life was saved by a facebook post This baby's life was saved by a facebook post