The Top 6 Physical Symptoms That Indicate A Poor Diet

Having a bad diet can more of an impact on our body than one would think. Some signs are fairly obvious, such as weight gain if we’re eating a lot of fast food, or dehydrated skin if we’re not drinking enough.

But there are many other signals that your body gives off to warn you. For example, cold hands could show poor blood circulation but also, and less well-known, iodine deficiency. Dry, cracked skin can be caused by a change in temperature, as well as a lack of vitamin A. Similarly, red marks caused by irritated skin (rosacea or eczema) mean that you need to consume more vitamin B2.

Soft, fragile nails that tend to split can be accompanied by magnesium deficiency. As for the white spots that appear on everyone’s nails at one point or another, those are due to a lack of zinc or calcium. Sometimes, white hair can appear early due to a lack of vitamin B-12. A fast-sweating forehead can be a symptom of an abnormally low vitamin D level.

Finally, the state of your tongue says a lot about the health of your body. If it has cracks on the surface, it means you lack vitamin B3. If, on the contrary, the surface of your tongue is fine but is painful, then it is often due to a deficiency of folic acid that may be caused by alcohol or a lack of fruit and vegetables.

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