The Surprising Health Benefits Of Avocado Stones

When you eat an avocado, you probably only keep the flesh and throw away the stone. But here are a few tips that suggest that the avocado stone should not just be thrown in the bin.

Avocados are becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to understand why: you can have them in smoothies, on bread, or pretty much any other way. This fruit is rich in omega 3 and fights bad cholesterol.

But you most probably didn’t know this about avocados: the stone is even better for your health than the rest of the fruit. The stone gives the immune system a real boost and strengthens the defence mechanisms of the human body. It treats digestion problems, as well as muscle and joint pain.

A good skincare alternative

This antioxidant even prevents heart disease, as over 70% of the amino acids contained in avocados are located in its stone. What’s more, it could help you lose weight and prevent tumours from appearing. It also has benefits for those with thyroid problems and can help fight asthma.

Obviously it doesn’t taste as good as the rest of the fruit, but you can grate it and add it to salad, or you can have it in a soup after boiling it for 10 minutes in a litre of water. You can also treat skin problems by applying it directly to the face or body: it’s an anti-wrinkle remedy which treats spots and boils. So it’s best to avoid throwing the stone away the next time you eat an avocado...

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