New Treatment for Patients With COVID-19 Sees a Dramatic Decrease In the Development of Severe Symptoms

While there are numerous scientists and labs working on vaccines for COVID-19 in order to prevent people from contracting the virus, we don't hear much on the research being done to help patients who already have it, fight it.

Well, some good news from biotech company Synairgen, who released details about a new coronavirus treatment that uses a protein called interferon beta. A protein that the body naturally produces when it catches the virus.

Patients with COVID-19 inhale the protein using a nebulizer, a device that turns liquid into a breathable spray, with the goal being to stimulate an immune response.

According to a statement to the press released this week, there was a 79% cut in the development of severe symptoms for hospitalized patients that were using the treatment.

Results also indicated that patients were almost twice as likely to recover to the point that they could accomplish daily tasks without being affected by the virus.

One of the treatment trials Cheif investigators, Professor Tom Wilkinson, said:

We are delighted with the positive data produced from this trial, which is the result of a momentous coordinated effort... The results confirm our belief that interferon beta, a widely known drug that, by injection, has been approved for use in a number of other indications, has huge potential as an inhaled drug to be able to restore the lung’s immune response, enhancing protection, accelerating recovery and countering the impact of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Definitive results have yet to be shared or published in a peer-review article, but they are one step closer to the treatment and eradication of this deadly virus.

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