Man Becomes Mute After Eating A Meal  Including A Raw Meat Tartare

Man Becomes Mute After Eating A Meal Including A Raw Meat Tartare

A 74-year-old man was taken to hospital when he noticed  having problems speaking. They decided to give him multiple scans and when they saw the images, they were speechless. Find out why…

The idea of eating raw meat is enough to scare some people, especially because of how dangerous we hear it can be…Some people believe meat tartar is a true delicacy whereas others, see it as ‘disgusting’.

This man’s story seems to confirm this general way of thinking. This seventy-year-old man ate raw meat, pork and veal to be more exact and when he started to find it difficult to speak, he went to hospital. After undergoing multiple scans, doctors were stunned by what they saw.

Hundreds of larva eggs were discovered living inside his body. According to specialists, these larvae were tapeworms. The patient had them everywhere! In his hips, his head, his spine, etc.

Their diagnosis was called ‘neurocysticercosis’. Neurocysticercosis is a parasitic disease of the nervous system. It is asymptomatic (meaning it doesn’t show any symptoms) until it starts causing damage to your brain. The patient could eventually suffer from epileptic fits and problems related to their mobility and speech.

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Luckily, the man was diagnosed early, and doctors were able to intervene before it was too late. Despite the fortunate outcome, the photos of the patient’s infection might make you think twice about consuming raw meat…

Anna Wilkins
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