How Nail Varnish Can Impact Your Health

Painting our nails...sure, it's fun activity to do plus it makes dull nails look beautiful but it could also be dangerous for our health depending on the exposure rate. Watch our video to learn more today!

How Nail Varnish Can Impact Your Health
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How Nail Varnish Can Impact Your Health

It's not advertised but most nail varnishes contain several chemicals that can affect our well-being. The harmful chemicals include the following:

1. Formaldehyde: This is used to harden and strengthen the nail varnish but is a carcinogenic agent that could cause cancer, asthma, convulsions, or even miscarriages.

2. Toulene: This is used to create a smooth colour finish but it can cause dizziness, hearing loss, neurological damage, or nausea.

3. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): This is used to minimise the colour from chipping but it can be harmful for your developmental and reproductive system. Some countries banned DBP in cosmetic products while others still sell it to the public.

What's the recommendation? Buy nail varnishes that do not contain the above ingredients. It's always wise to look at the ingredient label before buying the product. Tell us what you think about this.