Here’s How to Avoid Transmitting the Coronavirus During a Dinner Party
Here’s How to Avoid Transmitting the Coronavirus During a Dinner Party
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Here’s How to Avoid Transmitting the Coronavirus During a Dinner Party

The lockdown is gradually ending, and you’ve probably already planned a few dinner parties with friends or family. Here are a few tips on how to best limit the spread of the virus.

Are you ready to have dinner with friends or family since the lockdown is coming to a close? The good news is that now we are free to do so...for now. However, it's important to continue social distancing even when you're with your loved ones.

How to limit the spread of the virus?

  • If you have guests over

Are you the one who is hosting the dinner party? In this case, you should follow certain health regulations. For example, wash your hands before preparing the meal, and wear a mask while preparing it. Also, make sure to prepare something hot.

A doctor interviewed by Madame Figaro said:

The virus likes cool, cold, and humidity. Heat above 60° destroys it.

Before adding:

You breathe on and touch the food while you are preparing it, and if you are carrying the virus, you will contaminate the meal.

When your guests arrive, ask that their hands be disinfected with hand sanitiser and have them throw their masks in the garbage. Leave a vacant chair between each guest at the table in order to ensure a safe distance between them.

During the meal, each guest should keep his or her glass to prevent the spread of the virus. Have one person touching the utensils when serving the meal.

  • If you are the guest

Can't wait to see your friends at dinner? If you are a guest, wear a mask before going to the party, and wash your hands regularly. You should also leave your shoes at the entrance as a precautionary measure.

  • Another option: a giant box of pizza

Are you planning to see your friends and you're going to order pizzas? One option that many pizzerias are offering is a pizza box that allows you to spend an evening with your friends without taking any risks. This custom-made box measures 3 feet by 3 feet and each corner opens independently, which is ideal when you don't want to share.

How does it work? The box is compartmentalised in order to hold 4 XXL pizzas, which can be delivered to your home.

By James Guttridge

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