Dentists are warning against TikTok trend of using Magic Eraser for teeth whitening

Dentists say the trend which started with a now-viral video of a TikTok user claiming she has been using the product for years is dangerous.

TikTok has undoubtedly carved a reputation for itself as the originator and hub of lifestyle ‘tips’ and hacks.

But not all these trends are recommended by professionals. In fact, experts are just as quick to debunk and warn against the content of these viral videos just as quickly as they tend to trend.

One such viral video that has orthodontists worried involves the use of a household cleaning product for teeth whitening.

It all started when one user, Heather Dunn posted a video of her three-step dental hygiene routine, which ended with her rubbing a small piece of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on her teeth.

Magic Erasers are cleaning sponges that contain chemicals that are harmful if used on skin or ingested, according to doctors and the product's packaging


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No fluoride

Heather, in the video which has now been viewed more than 2.5 million times with over 250,000 likes, said she had been using this product for years now with no issues.

She acknowledged that medical professionals will advise against her unconventional teeth whitening methods, but she could vouch for them.

Yes, I am prepared for all the dentists that are going to come on here and be like, 'don't do it, she's crazy!' I don't care. I go to the dentist, and I don't tell them what I do, but they're like, 'you have the healthiest, strongest, cleanest teeth,' and I'm like, 'why, thank you.

The TikToker claimed she does not use fluoride as recommended by dentists but rather this cleaning product and coconut oil.

Don’t do this!

Dr. Benjamin Winters, a dentist who goes by the name 'The Bentist' on TikTok and has 9.7 million followers on the app, made a video warning users about this dangerous method.

Excuse me, is that a Magic Eraser? Like, she's afraid of fluoride but she's cool with using a Magic Eraser on her teeth. A Magic Eraser is actually made of melanine foam. It's basically foam that's hard as glass and acts as a really abrasive sandpaper, meaning, yeah, your teeth are white because you scrubbed all the enamel off. So, in fact, no, don't do this.

Along with melanine, Magic Erasers contain sulfurous acid, formaldehyde, and sodium. Formaldehyde is commonly used as an embalming product in funeral homes.

TikTok has added a disclaimer to the original video, which says the actions in the video may result in injury.

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