Are silk masks more effective in protecting you against COVID?

Some experts believe there might be an alternative material in masks that could be more effective in protecting you against the coronavirus.

Now that it's been over six months that masks have been legally required to have on whenever you enter the public sphere, perhaps its time to change things up a bit and invest in a mask that is twice as stylish and perhaps even more effective in shielding you.

The silkier the better?

As many have been complaining of lack of breathability, comfort and general annoyance at having to wear a piece of cloth over your face basically everywhere besides your place of residence, we thought it would be apropos to investigate further.

After all, even though things are looking up for the first time in a long time, we predict masks will be part of the new normal.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine that aimed to find the best fabric for personal protective equipment (PPE), silk was found to be the most effective.

Compared to other fabrics, such as cotton and polyester, silk is extremely moisture repellent making it super resistant to aerosolised water droplets. As a result silk will not trap humidity the way other fabrics might.

Instead, it actually promotes better airflow allowing for not only moisture to not build up but also oxygen to circulate. And best of all is that these properties don't go away no matter the amount of times you wash your silk mask (yes, they're also reusable).

The more comfortable they are the likelier you are to wear them

On top of being both moisture repellent and comfortable to wear by allowing more breathability, you will actually be more prone to want to wear the mask.

The logic behind it is that if you don't have trouble breathing with the mask on the less likely you will be to want to remove it or fiddle around with it to adjust it time and time again. And as we know, the less you touch your face the less likely you are to contract the virus!

Make your own mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus for free Make your own mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus for free