Harry Potter Fans Are Freaking Out Over This New Theory About The Weasley Twins

Harry Potter Fans Are Freaking Out Over This New Theory About The Weasley Twins

This is neither the first nor the last theory about small details JK Rowling spread throughout her Harry Potter novels. The only difference is that this one suggests a relationship between the Weasley family and the History of British royalty! Can you imagine the Weasley twins ruling England?

According to someone named Bruce, Ron's two older twin brothers are descendants, or rather a representation, of ancient English kings. This is what the fan in question reckons:

"When George lost an ear, Fred was doomed. Why? Because all Weasleys, except Ron, are named after British kings and queens, or King Arthur (knowing that Ron brought Harry to his family, and there have been eight Harry's on the throne, nine if you're a fervent Jacobite). King George III was deaf in one ear and became king after the untimely death of Prince Frederick."

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Indeed, if we look more closely at the British Royal History, we can see that when George III neared the end of his reign, he became deaf in one ear and almost went blind. Remember when George got his ear sliced ​​by Severus Snape's spell! Could that be a mere coincidence or some serious foreshadowing?

And that's not all, Fred might be a romanticised personification of King Frederick William of Wales, who died of lung disease at the age of 51, when he was appointed king. Astonishing, right?

Ruby Smith
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