The Latest Summer Trend? Dying Your Armpit Hair

This summer, would you dare adopt this style which comes to us straight from the United States? Maybe you didn’t know it, but dyed armpit hair is the current WTF trend.

It’s happy, it's colourful and it’s taking off online: the new and completely crazy trend which involves dying your armpit hair.

Yes, you really just read that! Just like regular hair, armpit hair is also entitled to some beauty treatment, and should be available in all colours. Blue, pink, green, multicoloured... Those who follow this style get very creative to transform their underarms into real works of art. On Instagram, the hashtag #dyedpits is taking off, and new pictures of colourful armpits are regularly posted on the site to show the results. Nothing could be easier than getting started!

Start by washing your pits. After drying them well, consider applying a drop of oil to moisturise the hairs. Then test your dye on a small part of your armpit, and if it is conclusive and doesn’t cause irritation, apply your dye on all of the hair. Leave it to set, and TA-DA! Your armpit hair, which used to be so sad and dull, is now glowing more than ever!

So, ready to test out this trend this summer?

This Quarantine Hair Trend Is Going to Be a Hit This Summer This Quarantine Hair Trend Is Going to Be a Hit This Summer