Rachel Should Actually Have Ended Up With Joey - Not Ross - And Here's Why

We may have all cheered at that final 'I got off the plane' moment at the end of Friends as it seemed Ross and Rachel were finally getting back together for good - but we're here to tell you that Rachel should actually have ended up with Joey not Ross - and here's why...

Are you Team Ross or Team Joey? Ever since Friends ended the internet has debated the storyline that brings Rachel and Joey together; fans believe that the writers only brought the pizza lover and the fashionista together to prolong the dramatic will-Ross-and-Rachel-end-up-together question. However, some fans feel like Joey and Rachel should have been end game, rather than her and Ross.

Joey has always cared for Rachel – he even let her and Emma, a baby, move back into his apartment. Joey and Rachel shared a genuine friendship, unlike Rachel and Ross, which is probably why Ross grew jealous of every man friend she had (Mark, for example).

Check out our video for more mind-boggling facts about why Joey and Rachel should have stayed together – you may despise Ross by the end of it!

Friends: we almost lost Ross (and Monica actually saved him) Friends: we almost lost Ross (and Monica actually saved him)