This Is The Perfect Recipe For The Last Bit Of Nutella In The Jar

Do you have a jar of Nutella that’s almost empty? Well it’s time to test out this little magic trick then. The result is just… delicious!

Will you soon be getting to the end of your jar of chocolate nutty spread? Well don’t feel down about it, we’ve come up with a gourmet recipe that you can make with an almost empty jar!

A fast and delicious recipe

To finish off your jar of Nutella and make sure you don’t waste any, simply add some hot milk to the jar, close it, shake it and then open it up again. Now you have a delicious hot chocolate! Very comforting on those dark and gloomy days indeed!

Make sure you don’t put too much hot milk in though, or you could end up cracking the Nutella jar!

What other recipes can you make with an almost empty jar?

There arelots of refreshing recipes that you can make with the bottom of a chocolate spread jar. You can make a delicious Nutella milkshake by mixing 200ml of cold milk, 5 ice cubes, a sachet of vanilla sugar and a ball of vanilla ice cream. Shake well and pour into a large glass for a delicious and very refreshing milkshake, ideal for when you’re wanting to cool off with a treat.

But if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you could also add a bit of crème fraiche and shake to make a chocolate cream. Use your mixer to make a nice little whipped cream and voilà!

Finally, you can even use your jar to make a custard.Put 3 eggs, 100ml of milk and a sachet of vanilla sugar directly into the jar and shake. Pour the mixture into little pots and bake in a water bath in the oven for 20 minutes at 150°.

So, what do you think? Check out the video above for more ideas!

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