Aldi’s melting hot chocolate snowmen make for the perfect winter drink!

Nobody likes to see a snowman melt, Olaf and Frosty the Snowman can both attest to that. But, these snowmen from Aldi will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to make you the perfect hot chocolate.

The Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman comes as part of Aldi’s new Christmas range and shoppers are absolutely delighted to use the milk and chocolate stir through creations to make their winter treats.

The find was posted on Instagram account @newfoodsuk who claim that the hot chocolate treats are going for just £1.79 each in both milk and white chocolate flavours. They captioned the post:

New Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman now at @aldiuk ⛄️£1.79 each! 🤤 choose from milk or white chocolate - watch them melt to discover their hidden filling! They make the perfect hot choc!

Accompanying the caption was a video of the Instagrammer enlisting the help of a coffee machine in order to warm up the milk. The milk then poured over the unsuspected snowman who slowly melted away into a sweet chocolatey drink.

While we can bet that the little chocolate guy would have tasted delicious viewers jokingly commented that the snowman’s demise wasn’t exactly dignified. One person stated:

I feel this should have had an explicit content warning on it. Slow death of a chocolate snowman depicted.

Another person hilariously chimed in with:

I'd do this while doing an evil laugh…

Other shoppers in a Facebook group called Aldi Shoppers UK also shared the find with one person noticing something rather ungentlemanly about the hot chocolate man:

Our boy loved the fact the snowman farts when it started melting.

Surely that would just be the sound of the snowman’s last breath but if a farting, Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman sounds like a bit of you then remember to pick one up at your next Aldishop!

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