Harry Potter: Why this key character quit after the first film

You may have noticed, but one of the actresses from Harry Potter quit after the first film. Find out why the actress made this drastic choice.

In the first instalment of the film series, titled Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, an iconic character from the book is played by Zoë Wanamaker, known for her role in the hit series Poirot. The American plays Madam Hooch, who teaches the apprentice wizards how to ride a magic broom.

Emma Watson and Zoë Wanamaker at the UK Film Premiere of 'Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone,' London Getty Images, Dave Benett

Money matters

In the books, Madam Hooch has a lot of scenes, but in the film series, she wound up only being given screen time in the first film.

So what is the reason for this discrepancy? Money, dear boy. Zoë Wanamaker asked for a bigger payout to be in the first three films. Or at least that was her version of events as told in an interview with the Telegraph.

Some actors signed contracts for three films, but there was so little money that I felt insulted and only signed for one. If they wanted me for a sequel, they would have to revise their figures.

A decision from Warner Bros

Having been given these final conditions, the Californian production company did not beat about the bush and decided to dispense with the services of Zoë Wanamaker altogether. Furthermore, the character of Madam Hooch was not renewed with another actress—she was simply erased from the story.

A surprising decision, and to the great displeasure of the fans of J.K Rowling's work.

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