Get Your Tissues Ready: PS I Love You Is Getting A Sequel

Get Your Tissues Ready: PS I Love You Is Getting A Sequel

Bring out the tissues: The sequel to P.S. I Love You will be released very soon!

We all cried a river watching P.S. I Love You, just like we did when we saw The Notebook or A Star is Born. Don't put your tissues away yet, because you're going to be shedding some more tears watching the sequel to P.S. I Love You!

Holly and Gerry are back

On Monday, March 11, Cecelia Ahern, the author of bestseller P.S. I Love You, announced on her Twitter account that she had secretly written a second part of the novel the romantic film is based off of.

'I hope you'll be happy to see Holly... and Gerry again... and that reading the book will make you feel as much as I do,' she wrote.

To keep us wondering about this sequel, the writer has not revealed any information about the story. We just know that the novel will be called Postscript, so we're guessing we will be discovering Holly's new life after the death of her darling Gerry.

And Twitter is seriously excited: 'Oh my God, this is the best news in the world,' wrote one tweeter. 'I'm so excited! PS I Love You is the first book I read!' reacted another. We cannot wait to devour the next part, and most importantly, to cry watching it!

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Check out the video above for everything we know so far! 


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