Disney fans are freaking out about this spooky Coronavirus prediction in Tangled

Disney’s Tangled came out ten years ago, but some committed fans of the movie have realised that it may have predicted the coronavirus pandemic.

We all love a bit of Disney and as we are forced to stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus, many of us will be digging out some of our old animated favourites to help pass the time. However, some fans who decided to rewatch Tangled have made a startling realisation…the movie may have predicted coronavirus.

Tangled, which came out in 2010, is a retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale Rapunzel, in which the princess is locked in a tower by a wicked witch so that her magical hair can keep her looking youthful. And with much of the world in quarantine, it’s easy to see that we’ve got a fair bit in common with poor Rapunzel right now... But we can only hope our lockdown doesn't last for 18 years.

Did Disney's Tangled predict coronavirus?

But the links between the current pandemic and Rapunzel’s plight in Tangled go further than just being stuck self-isolating indoors for days on end – as fans have noticed that the kingdom that Rapunzel is locked away from is called Corona. And this ‘coincidence’ is driving the internet wild!

One freaked out fan wrote on Twitter:

So the movie from Disney Tangled the girl is not allowed out of the castle. The kingdom is called Corona. Coincidence!!’ I don’t think so’

whilst another tweeted:

Rapunzel is the 'Queen of quarantine'

Even if the conspiracy theories going around aren’t for you, it could still be worth a rewatch of Tangled to get some ideas of what to do during lockdown. Rapunzel recommends reading a book ‘or maybe two or three’, ‘puzzles and darts and baking’, sweeping ‘’till the floor’s all clean’ and of course brushing and brushing and brushing and brushing your hair. That should kill a few hours, right?

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